AUSTIN-HOHMANN is a collaboration of two art dealers, David Austin and Christian Hohmann. They have followed very different paths as gallery owners and maintain their separate fine art entities, Austin Art Projects and Hohmann, Inc. , while combining their resources to offer significant works to the collecting community.  

Each has their own individual aesthetic, which has evolved from their lives surrounded by art. However, they share a common bond – a dedication to the artists they represent and the building of collections for their collectors and patrons with passion and integrity.

Since 1981, Austin has gained a reputation for representing recognized painters, sculptors, and the most respected artists working in studio glass, having mounted over 200 successful exhibitions of works by artists including Tom Wesselmann, Arman, Peter Halley, Jennifer Bartlett, Ed Ruscha, Robert Graham, Mel Ramos, Jun Kaneko, William Wegman, Dale Chihuly, Donald Sultan, Ross Bleckner, and Charles Arnoldi among many others.

At the same time, Hohmann followed the passion of his parents, who founded their gallery in the 1970s in Germany and represented primarily emerging and mid-career artists. He opened his first gallery in Hamburg in 1995, another in Berlin in 2001, and in Palm Desert in 2009, focusing as his family had, on emerging and mid-career artists.

In 2018, Austin embarked on a new chapter - a relatively common model where gallery owners move to a more private way of doing business, selling Hohmann the Austin Art Projects space. Though the two had operated in the desert for more than twenty years, they had rarely spoken - so singular was their focus on building their respective businesses. During the negotiations on the space, it became clear that they shared many interests and business philosophies and quickly developed mutual respect and a friendship. Soon, a collaboration would follow, with HOHMANN’s access to AUSTIN-represented artists and a sharing of the space for exhibitions.

Austin’s recent added focus on the acquisition of significant secondary market works has created another layer to Austin Art Projects and provided Hohmann with another level of artwork for his clientele. Their combined expertise, infrastructure, and access to an extensive variety of works provide a unique opportunity for collectors visiting the museum-level space.


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